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The best way to remove lipomas under the skin is to remove them surgically. Surgical lipomas removal in 1DayClinic takes place at European level. Depending on the size of lipomas, we use for this purpose the operating rooms of our hospital or surgery with an increased sanitary-epidemiological regime.

Lipomas that:

  • were infected,
  • secret fluid
  • are painful
  • hamper movements – it’s our specialty.

Surgical lipomas removal is not a complicated procedure. Before the procedure, the patient is given local (in some cases general) anaesthesia, and then the surgeon cuts the skin and removes the tissue. The whole procedure does not last longer than 30 minutes. After the procedure, the patient is observed for about 2 hours and can return home.

The surgical removal of lipomas is a simple procedure, but if lipoma increased, some complications may occur, such as infections, muscle damage or damage to the blood vessels. However, such cases are rare, and even if they occur, our experienced surgeon should deal with such problems.


  • appearance of a tumor within soft tissues of oncological concern, which causes pain or location causing cosmetic defect
Usunięcie guza tkanek miękkich (tłuszczak) z badaniem histopatologicznym


From 1500 to 3200 PLN