Why 1DayClinic?

 Treatments performed under 1DayClinic are first of all shorter waiting time for the operation, reduced risk of infection and stress, as well as shortening the stay and period of absence in work. 1DayClinic deals with orthopedics and traumatology, general surgery, plastic surgery, laryngology, and ophthalmology treatments. In the future, oncological surgery, vascular surgery and urology treatments will also be performed.

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One-day Surgery Clinic

1DayClinic.pl was formed to increase the comfort of patients using our services.

The aim is to perform a specific treatment procedure in a minimum time. The creation of One-Day Surgery Clinic is closely associated with increase of knowledge and social awareness in the field of health and managing diseases. Before each procedure is performed, a specialist qualification consultation is carried out, which along with number of diagnostic tests will help to determine whether the Patient may have the procedure performed in the One-Day Surgery mode.

Hospital procedures are performed treatments in the scope of:

  • laryngology,
  • orthopedics and traumatology,
  • general surgery,
  • plastic surgery,
  • ophthalmology.

1DayClinic has two modern operating rooms with the necessary infrastructure and
comfortable postoperative rooms equipped with medical equipment for daily stay of patients.
Operating rooms are equipped with a special laminar air supply technology – which ensures
sterile, clean air during the treatment. Read more…