In the life of each of us there is a moment when something begins to bother us….

It is good, when the ailment can be cured quickly and health problems are temporary; but it is worse, when our body is unable to cope with the disease. Sometimes surgical intervention by a doctor is required. In this case, you should use the services of 1DayClinic, which is o part of the ETER-MED Health Center Group. One-Day Surgery Clinic is located in a newly built building at Żabi Kruk 10 Street in Gdańsk. We have at your disposal very modern and safe two operating rooms, postoperative surveillance rooms and comfortable recovery rooms (Internet, TV, beverages). All of this has rich diagnostic and consultative facilities of the ETER-MED Health Centre (cardiological diagnostics, X-ray, ultrasound scan, CT and other).

How “to repair” yourself in 1DayClinic?

Consultation and diagnostic process are a basic element of the patient care. Its aim is to bring the patient safely to surgery. To make it easy for you to follow this path, we present a mini guide.

Our Patients can take two paths.

  • The first one is that patient knows from the beginning, which doctor will perform the treatment. In such a case it is necessary to register for the consultation with a selected specialist by calling 583202600 and you can also reserve this consultation by purchasing it at a cheaper price directly from our website (in this case we will call you back to establish a date of consultation).
  • However, it may happen that the ailment has been diagnosed and surgery is necessary, but the choice of operator’s physician remains among the staff of ETER-MED specialist physicians. We realize that without knowing any of them, it is difficult to make the right choice. Also in this case, our medical advisors from the hotline can help you with any information concerning your doctor’s name, specialty and time of his or her admissions. It will be necessary to enrol
    in a doctor of your choice for consultation qualifying for the procedure, which will also be assisted by a hotline employee. If you would like our staff member to contact you, please send us an e-mail to: [email protected]

Consultation with the operator’s physician

During the first consultation you will be able to get to know the doctor, who will operate you. During the visit, the date and conditions of surgery will be determined, along with the treatment plan, type of surgery – specificity of the surgery and method of its implementation, as well as postoperative treatment. All that will be discussed. The doctor will pre-qualify you
for the procedure, refer you to additional laboratory and diagnostic tests necessary for the procedure, and ask you to register for an anaesthesiological visit.

Conversation with the anaesthesiologist

The task of anaesthesiologist is to conduct a short interview, on the basis of which another qualification for the procedure will take place. The anaesthesiologist will provide you with documents that you can take home. The materials you receive contain a lot of valuable information. You can also find answers to frequently asked and bothering patient’s questions.

Waiting time

After passing the qualification and additional examinations, it only remains to wait for the day of operation, which will be confirmed by a hospital employee by phone. One week before the operation, you must pay your amount due at our reception desk by cash, card or bank transfer to our bank account (08 1240 1268 1111 0011 0001 8791). There is a possibility, in the agreement with our reception desk, to provided credit from Alior Bank. On the day of surgery, we ask our Patients to report at the agreed time and to remember about all arrangements with a doctor and anaesthesiologist (including the number of hours without food and drink, results of laboratory tests ordered by an anaesthesiologist, including the blood group and other recommendations given during the consultation). It is also very important to take your personal belongings such as slippers, bathrobe, pyjamas and all forms filled in at home, previously handed over by a doctor.

We kindly invite you to contact us

From the moment you enter our hospital, you are in the hands of professional nurses and doctors. Every employee will try to make your stay in the hospital as comfortable as possible. Patient Care Nurses, attending physician and/or doctor on duty and other staff will be at your disposal. Our goal is to alleviate those difficult moments in the life. We believe that despite everything, you will have a good memories of your stay at 1DayClinic. You will be provided with Internet access WiFi, TV, drinks (mineral water, juices, coffee, tea), evening meal and breakfast.

If you eat ONLY vegan or vegetarian meals – we ASK to notify of this fact your nurse.