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Informacje o zabiegu

Removal of eyelid cyst

The cause of eyelid cyst formation may be e. g. clogged tear canal or improper cosmetics. Cyst is a delineated and transparent creation filled with transparent liquid. Treatment consists in the complete excision of the lesion.

The procedure can be performed in the outpatient centers of ETER-MED Health Centre, after obtaining a positive medical classification even on the day of visit.


  • cyst
  • enlightened eyelid change with transparent fluid

Przeciwwskazania do zabiegu

  • lack of cooperation with the doctor

Przebieg zabiegu

The procedure consists in excision of conjunctivitis cyst after prior administration of local anaesthesia. Next it is sutured. Thanks to anaesthesia, treatment is painless.

usunięcie cysty spojówki

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Korzyści z zabiegu

  • better comfort of life
  • improvement in aesthetics of eyelid
  • eyelid cyst removal

Zalecenia po zabiegu

  • complying with medical recommendations
  • regular taking prescribed medicines
  • wearing and changing recommended dressing
  • eye healing control during visits (according to physician’s recommendations)