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Informacje o zabiegu

Xanthomas are yellow skin lesions, which are most commonly found on eyelids near the inner eye angle, and more common in upper eyelids than lower eyelids. The shape may be flat or slightly convex, they are of various sizes, may be soft or semi-hard. Xanthomas most often occur in the course of hyperlipoproteinemia, accompany atherosclerosis, diabetes, kidney diseases, gastrointestinal obstruction or liver diseases.

The procedure can be performed in the outpatient centers of ETER-MED Health Centre, after obtaining a positive medical classification even on the day of visit.


  • chloridal lesions

Przeciwwskazania do zabiegu

  • lack of cooperation with the doctor

Przebieg zabiegu

Xanthomas are completely with the epidermis covering them after the local anaesthesia is administered. The incisions are usually small and scars created by incisions become almost invisible over time. Very thin sutures are applied after the skin lesions have been cut.

Wycięcie kępek żółtych

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Korzyści z zabiegu

  • improving aesthetics of the patient’s appearance
  • sense of well-being
  • lack of yellow, chloridal lesions

Zalecenia po zabiegu

  • complying with medical recommendations
  • regular taking prescribed medicines
  • eye healing control during visits (according to physician’s recommendations)