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Informacje o zabiegu

Thanks to this treatment you can improve the face appearance, obtain a proportional and symmetrical look of the chin, so that it is consistent with the rest of face. The implantation gives a permanent post-operative effect. After the treatment, redness and swelling of the face are visible that lasts for about 2 weeks.

In the case of plastic surgery procedures performed for other reasons than those aimed at preserving, saving, regaining and improving the patient’s health, 23% VAT should be added to the prices.


  • retracted, asymmetrical chin

Przeciwwskazania do zabiegu

  • pregnancy
  • uncontrolled diabetes
  • coagulation disorders
  • untreated hypertension
  • inflammatory conditions

Przebieg zabiegu

The procedure is performed under local or general anaesthesia. Incision is carried out in the atrium of oral cavity (on the gum line) and a pocket is formed, in which the implant is placed. The cut is then sutured and dressing is applied. After treatment, the scar is invisible.

Bródka (implant twarzowy)


From 7000 PLN

Korzyści z zabiegu

  • facial oval correction
  • improved well-being
  • increased self-assessment
  • increased self-esteem
  • significant improvement in the appearance

Zalecenia po zabiegu

  • avoidance of intense physical effort
  • avoiding bending for a few days
  • do not perform sudden mimic movements in the first days after surgery
  • compliance to doctor’s recommendations

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