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Informacje o zabiegu

Breast augmentation, so-called mammoplasty, consists in the surgical placement of implants under both breasts. Implants are aimed to increase the size and shape of your breasts. Such treatments are performed by women, who have too small (in their opinion) and sagging breasts. From the available implants we can distinguish round implants (placed under the mammary gland and muscle), anatomical – natural like a drop (partly placed under the muscle), asymmetrical (for each breast a different implant, always placed under the mammary gland).

In the case of plastic surgery procedures performed for other reasons than those aimed at preserving, saving, regaining and improving the patient’s health, 23% VAT should be added to the prices.


  • willingness to improve the shape of body
  • correction of breast loss after pregnancy
  • significant asymmetry of both breasts

Przeciwwskazania do zabiegu

  • liver diseases
  • infections
  • circulatory-respiratory failure
  • severe kidney dysfunction
  • systemic diseases
  • blood coagulation disease
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From 13000 PLN

Korzyści z zabiegu

  • shapely breasts
  • well-proportioned breasts to the body
  • improved well-being
  • increased self-assessment of the patient
  • increased self-esteem

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