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Informacje o zabiegu

This is a procedure of laryngological surgery consisting in simultaneous removal or incision of excess lymphatic tissue of the adenoid (third tonsillar) and tonsils incision. It is performed when the hypertrophy of above mentioned tonsils is diagnosed.


  • stating significant hypertrophy of tonsils by a specialist doctor
  • chronic/recurring tonsillitis
  • persistent snoring
  • sleep apnea
  • sleeping difficulties
  • adenoidal face

Przeciwwskazania do zabiegu

  • lack of the patient’s consent
  • taking blood thinners
  • severe hemorrhagic diathesis
  • advanced, uncontrolled diabetes
  • bad general health status of patients
  • active respiratory tract infection
  • diseases preventing the use of anesthesia
  • allergy to anaesthetic drugs

Przebieg zabiegu

Adenotonsillectomy is usually performed under general anaesthesia. The patient sleeps during surgery. This is the preferred form of anaesthesia, because of reduced stress associated with the operating room and medical staff. Full anaesthesia also minimizes patient movements during the procedure. The adenoid hypertrophy is removed by means of a special tool inserted in nasopharynx. The resulting wound bleeds slightly and does not require any stitching. The palatal tonsils are merely cut (not completely removed). This treatment involves a reduction in their mass of about 30-60 %. The operation can be performed by various types of laser (CO2, diode), techniques of radiophthal diathermy.

Adenotonsillotomia (usunięcie migdałka gardłowego i podcięcie migdałków podniebiennych)


4300 PLN

Korzyści z zabiegu

  • facilitates swallowing of foods
  • cessation of snoring
  • resolution of symptoms related to recurrent ear inflammation
  • improved concentration and focus

Zalecenia po zabiegu

  • rest
  • reduce physical effort
  • taking painkillers recommended by a doctor
  • avoidance of staying in places with very high environmental temperature (e.g. sauna)
  • eating light, liquid or semi-fluid diet on the first days after the treatment
  • resignation from hot, spicy, sour meals on the first days after the treatment

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